Backscratch Owls

December 7, 2014: This canvas project came to me one early morning. Took me no time to put these together. My Tech Owls hang out at work. And the backscratch owls hang out with us here at home.

IMG_9042.2014-12-07_102236 IMG_9048.2014-12-07_195256

Using another canvas left over from my Monogram canvas decoupage project, I added a large, bespectacled owl to each. Then added captions “All I need…is a” and “All I want…is a” using vinyl wood samples (and letter rub-ons).

“B-A-C-K S-C-R-A-T-C-H” are round scrabble wood letters that I found at AC Moore. Wood glue was used to add them to the canvas. V-