Plant pot label magic

June 22, 2015:  I love adding labels to plant pots and containers. It not only helps me identify the plant it contains (I’m not and will never be a botanist so every little plant hint and tip helps!), it adds a cute decorative element to the plant. I really like the clay pot labels I added for my crassula and marginata plants.

For the new succulent additions to the condo, I used a variety of plant tag and label options.

I planted the Crassula Campfire succulent I picked up from Trax Farms with the hen-and-chick buds I brought in from California.

I planted them in a galvanized tin box (purchased from Micheals). The box lid is serving as the “saucer” with pebbles to catch drainage from the plants. Holes where made in the bottom of the tin box using a power drill.

Because I’m using a tin box as a planter, magnet pins work well as label holders. I used DIY shop labels (writing the name of each plant with chalk marker).

I also used a tin box for two more Trax Nursery acquisitions.

The sun sparkler lime zinger plant (Trax Farms again), is planted in a burlap pot. To add a label to this pot, I used a wooden tag planted with black chalkboard paint. Chalk marker used for written label. Label attached with a binder clip.