Kitchen Before

Here’s the link to my Kitchen After post. In the meantime, read on and enjoy this trip down memory lane. V-

December 12, 2014: We decided to take a huge step next year. We are ready to finally get the kitchen redone. The kitchen is well over 45 years old. Yes, it is older than we are. Circa 1967 or 1968.


The range surprisingly has hung in there and is still usable. The dishwasher, on the other hand, died a very slow death in the last two years. Right now, it’s being used strictly as a dish rack.

The fridge was replaced in 2012…but we’re ready for a new (bigger) one.


Old laminate cabinets and counters. Vinyl floors with set in stains that gets grimier looking by the hour…

IMG_9131.2014-12-12_124629-e1454190997441-332x443 IMG_9134.2014-12-12_124713

Dusty old wood blinds…


Rusty, dusty, grimy old vent…


Tiny, low upper cabinets with sliding doors…


And a microwave cart next to a split door which really closes off our space.


Bruce has been doing the footwork over the last year, researching kitchen layouts and plans on IKEA’s site to come up with a design. We would love to knock down the walls so that we can have an open concept design, but the electrical wiring is in the wall by the window, so it’s not likely we’ll be able to open it by much.

But now we’re ready to pull the trigger. So begins the search for kitchen contractors on Angie’s list. Virginia Kitchen and Bath (who redid our bathroom earlier in the year) will be at the top of the list.  V-