A “Bloom Box” for my DC tech office space


June 10, 2016: Although June (and summer in DC) is in full swing, I still have May flowers on my mind. I’ve made DIY flower box gifts in May for my mother Xenia and my Aunt Betsey.

I loved the Flower Dock and Power Plants boxes that I made for Xenia…


and the “Betsy’s Blooms” flower box I made for Betsey.


What I love most about these flower boxes is that it’s so easy to swap out your blooms with fresh ones. Just pick up a fresh bunch from the local market, strip down the stems, cut them to size, add them in cups of water, and add the cups to the box. Done!

I decided to make more of these and will start with one for my DC office space. And that it shall be called the “Bloom Box”. It’s time that I start having fresh flowers in my tech office space on a regular bases (which it desperately needs!).

I describe all the steps for making these in detail in the “Decorated wood flower boxes for my mama” post. But in this post, I’ll skip ahead to the decorating step. 🙂

As a shortcut, I buy the unfinished version of the crates at A.C. Moore. After staining the boxes in the prettiest wood stain color (Minwax Early American), I use Mod Podge to decorate the front of the crate with various size decorative paper circles.


I add the words “Bloom Box” to the front of the crate using gold foil embossed alphabet stickers


Once all the letters are added, I added another coat of Mod Podge to seal the front.


Once dried, here’s the decorate wood crate for my office blooms.


It’s almost ready for action. I take it out to the balcony to put a few light coats of polyurethane sealer on the box (so any water spillage will not do any damage to the wood or to the decoupaged decor).


I left the box outside to dry for about an hour after adding the extra sealer coats.


While making the box, I prepare the flowers. I picked up two bouquets of five stem disbud blooms – one in yellow and one in white.


I stripped each stem of its leaves and cut the stem down to size.


I then inserted two or three stems in small votives of water.


And here’s the “Bloom Box” all dressed up and ready to go.


And this is the part where I get photo snap happy. I never grow tired of these boxes.


Hello sunshine! Welcome to the condo!


As much as I love this in my home space, I decided that my tech space at work in DC needed a bit of springtime sunshine more (no light, no windows, no nothing there except big screen computers and various VidaDIY crafts).

So I packed it up, carried it protectively while riding the Metro to work, and added it to my DC workspace (giving it a place of honor next to by Dell All-In-One work PC).

IMG_0145 (1)

And it accompanies my “Phone Cube” decorate wood box which serves as my phone box.

IMG_0146 (2)

I’m slowly adding to my collection of beautiful, yet functional, decorated wood accessories. Love them all! Especially when they’re featured in my workspace! V-