Hexagon wood wall planters for the condo (Part 2)

June 1, 2016: In Part 1, I wrote about how I came across this project idea of making hexagon wood planters on Instagram. The excellent Lindi from the lovecreatecelebrate.com blog site shared a tutorial on how she made wood hexagon planters.


I immediately reached out to Lindi for more information on the project and she was so gracious to indulge me with details.

So I put down all the other projects I had in motion to create my version of the wood wall planter. On May 16, this is what I came up with.

Hex Wall Planter

I made a medium and large size hexagon planter for my project. See the Part 1 post on how I put the planter together.

The next step is to decorate the planters. Since I had a balcony bench, DIY gifts for family, and a DIY lighting solution for the entryway to work on, I had to put these babies down for a couple of weeks.

But as I staged my entryway to showcase my newly mounted rope pendant lights, I decided that the hexagon planters would look perfect in that space. So I shifted gears (once again) to finish, decorate and hang my planters in the entryway.

This is how the medium planter looks above the wood and pipe hanging bar.

Hexagon wood wall planters

Here’s my steps for finishing and decorating the hexagons:

First I stained the boxes with my favorite wood stain – Early American from Minwax.


Then I decorated them, VidaDIY style. With Mod Podge, I added circle punches of my favorite fine papers. And then I added a label for each box using the gold foil alphabet embossed stickers from Michaels.


These have become a trademark of mine in numerous wood projects, including my phone boxes, my “Block Dock” calendar, and another wall mounted floral project, my “Fee Fi Faux Fum” vase.

I like to come up with cutesy names for my decorated wood projects. Something that states the obvious with regards to the item’s key purpose.


For the medium size hexagon planter, I went with “Hex Garden Box Dock”. The typographical design of the letters just came together on their own. I love when my projects organically takes shape to create something cool and completely unexpected.


Once I added the shapes and letters to the boxes, I added a couple coats of Mod Podge to seal the deal.


I left the boxes to dry for about an hour.


Once dried, it was time to mount. A little trick I use to mark the spot on the wall where I need to drill a hole is to add a foam dot sticker to the hanger on the back.


You place the item with the foam sticker on the wall where you want it…


…and then pull the item away. Voila! Sticker remains on the wall.


I pulled the sticker off, marked it’s location with a pencil and drilled my hole. I then added a wood screw to hold my planter box.


Back to the box, I needed to prepare the cup that holds up the plant so that it’s displayed above the box. I decided to go with what I have on hand – rice. I filled the cup with rice to a certain level, added a mason jar top, and then placed the plant on top to judge the height.


Once I got the rice to the right level…


…I removed the mason jar top…


…and placed the plant pot directly on top.


I removed the mason jar top from the cup so that water can drain from the plant pot directly into the rice.

I then hung the planter on the wall with the succulent plant inside. Look how pretty…


The addition of the planters to my BedStuy wood block wall gallery inspired me to add a couple of floating frames I had mounted in the bedroom. Perfect!


My Hex Garden Box Dock planter looks happy and at home in the entryway.


The best part? I can simple take the plant out from the top…


…water, and sit elsewhere closer to sun for a time.


And then redock the plant whenever I want. 🙂


So that’s the medium hexagon planter. What about the large one? Well, I present to you my “Hexs Deluxe Hot House!”


Yeah, there’s an “S” tacked on to the word “HEX”. The typographical design did not magically fall into place with this one. But I absolutely love it nonetheless.

This one has a big plastic bottle of water inside serving as a vase.

2016-06-01_110214184_F8356_iOS (1)

This can be placed on a shelf or desk (if there is a wall or some other item behind it).


But this will eventually find its way on a wall sometime soon! I intend to add to my gallery of hexagons throughout the condo. V-