Putting the plants outside with S hooks and binder clips

April 28, 2016: On Saturday, while staring out at the balcony, I got another crazy binder clip idea. This idea just popped out of nowhere (as my crazy ideas often do). I looked at the balcony railings, and then my eyes shifted over to the Target galvanized planters with hanging jute rope loops.


I wondered what if I used binder clips and S hooks to hang those planters onto the balcony railing?

Before I knew it, I was grabbing a couple of medium size clips and the one 3″ binder clip I had left in my build stash.

I added the clips to the railing so that the prongs faced each other. I then slipped an S hook through both ends of one of the clip prongs. It made for a nice snug fit.

I then took the rope out of one side of the planter and easily slipped it through the S hook. And discovered that I was on to something.

So while out shopping for other weekend projects, I tossed a few S hooks in my cart. I got three more 3″ hooks and four 2.5″ hooks to see what works best.

Fast-forwarding to Tuesday: After surveying each plant in the condo, I decided to use the three small succulent plants in the windowsill as my first balcony plant inhabitants.

Here’s a photo of when I first brought them home in February.


And there they are on Tuesday, in the new planter. I’m loving how this is turning out so far.

I place the binder clips and S hooks on the balcony…

And slip the hook into the back of the planter using the holes (that were intended for the rope loops).


It fit perfectly. I was gleefully pleased with my DIY solution for hanging the planter on the balcony.

I love how this looks in the balcony. And I knew immediately that I would be putting a second planter up right next to this one. It looks great, but it looks a bit lonely out there.

So two days later, I decide to elect another condo indoor plant to move outside. After a couple of windy and rainy days, I confirm that my succulents planter is hanging tough on the outside. So my confidence level is high as I prepare the second planter.

After several minutes of indecision, I chose Crassie, my first crassula plant that I brought home from IKEA last June, as the next balcony plant.

Crassie has been having a tough time in the condo. She’s lost many leaves and, no matter how much or how little water I give her, she continues to fade. But a good friend who saw pictures of the plant advised me that it needs to be treated for a nasty plant bug infestation (which is apparent to botanical experts upon close inspection of the plant). And some cooler weather may help with that effort.

So I figure to that some fresh, cooler April air would be good for Crassie.

I first remove the jute rope loop from the planters.


I then use two 3″ S hooks…


…and thread them through two holes on one side of the planter.



Once I have both S hooks in place…


…I add fresh soil into the planter…


…and transfer the crassula plant from the terra cotta pot to the planter.


Because I’m having a problem with a mealy bug infestation with Crassie, I rinse it well, and then treat the top leaves of the plants with rubbing alcohol. I’m hoping to kill as many of the bugs as possible before bringing Crassie outside.


I try to get as much of the tale tell white sap and fuzz off the top leaves as possible. Thanks again to my friend Dino (who has an incredible green thumb). He spotted Crassie’s issue with mealy bugs in my Checking in on the condo plants post.


I spritz the leaves with water once my alcohol treatment was done.


I added the clips on the balcony railing (using the two rails to the right of the succulent planter).


I thread the S hooks on the back of the planter through the binder clips. Now Crassie is securely mounted outside on the balcony)


The two plants look great side-by-side.


It’s a cool, rainy and windy day today. I’m hoping hard that both plants will continue to do well especially now that they’re outside.


I did have a few casualities why hanging Crassie. I’m hoping that with a lots of sun and fresh air, Crassie will get stronger and will bloom happy and healthy again.

I anxiously watch over both plants on the balcony while the wind kicked up and as the sun goes down and the temperature continues to drop. I’m hopeful and optimistic that my outdoor planter experiment will go well. As always, I will keep you posted. V-