Overturning the table of plants

February 15, 2016: I found myself working from home today due to the awful, wintry weather we are suffering through in the DC area. Never mind that it’s Presidents Day and that most people are off the roads and tucked safely away at home. If there is a storm placing precip on below-freezing temperature roads, I will NOT be taking my car anywhere. Today, of all days, was when I was scheduled for a rare trek up to Baltimore.

But enough about that.

So I’m tapping away on my laptop while sitting in my favorite writing corner in the condo when this happens.

Yes, I upset the apple cart but good. In this case, it was the my makeshift DIY side table (using the speaker stands as legs for a Container Store shelf. It’s where many of our plants have been perched for several months now.

I was able to quickly retrieve and save all but one from the wreckage.

My crassula campfire plant has seen far better days. Broken pot. Dried roots spilling to the floor…

I quickly realize that accidentally overturning the plant table was a blessing in disguise. I’ve been neglecting this poor plant. Time to bring it back to life! But first…

Broom and dustplan. Plus…

…new temporary plant pot. I got these while exploring Trax Farms and Nursery with my BFF Debbie. I love these burlap pots and have used them in a pinch several times!

Some rocks on the bottom to support drainage.

Fresh soil.

Pruned and repotted plant.  Here’s how it look in its full, youth glory. It was muy caliente! I will do my bare best to bring it back to its former life.


Water for the extremely parched. Both watering can and spray bottle.

To avoid the same mishap, I moved the speaker stand table back to its original location by the balcony ottoman. And I moved my basket table to the other side of the corner couch sectional. It will serve as the new side table by the balcony door. And it works really well there.

It’s low enough to avoid the danger of reaching over and inadvertently knocking items to the floor. But I’m taking no chances. Only faux plants will be placed on this table for now.

The near disastrous event that put these plants in danger is now over. The plants, relocated to the other side of the balcony door, are safe from the hazards of a clutzy condo dweller. They shall be babied in earnest until all is well with their world again.


And now I shall finally get back to work. V-