Decorated Tin Cups

February 6, 2015: I bought these tin cups while at the Container Store looking for Urbio wall pucks.

I love to decoupage with paper and one of my favorite decoupaging projects is to make decorative tin canisters and paint cans.

So I tossed three small tin cups with lids in my cart. They were each less than two dollars, so I figured this would be a fun and thrifty project.

So the tools I used for this project include:

  • Craft or scrapbook paper (I used leftover paper from other projects).
  • Black construction paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Sponge brush
  • White gel pin
  • Ruler
  • Paper trimmers
  • Paper circle punches (various sizes)
  • Magnets (small and large)

I first experimented with wrapping each cup with washi tape (using the Little B chevron gold accent tape in the picture). It works fine, but I like my tins to be more  bold and colorful. So I put down the tape and immediately reached for the paper and Mod Podge.

I measured and cut the green chevron paper for the smallest cup. I dabbed Mod Pod around the outside of cup and applied the strip to cover the tin.

Once the tin was covered, I reached for my circle punch to decorate the lid.

I punched a circle roughly the size of the lid. For the small hole punch, 1 inch diameter.

Applied the Mod Podge to the lid.

Affixed the paper circle to the lid.

For the tin labels, I went the easy route and circle punched black construction paper (using a size slightly smaller than the tin cup size).

I reached for my white gel pen and labeled the black circle with the tin contents. For today, the tin will be used for small binder clips.

I used a small magnet to attach the label to the tin cup.

For the two next sizes, I repeated the process using different paper colors and patterns.

These tins can be used as desk accessories, countertop or console table decor, cabinet or pantry storage. Or, my personal favorite: magnet mounted storage containers.

Move the labels from the sides of the cups to the lids. Then find some bigger magnets. Then using the big magnets, stick the bottom on the containers to a metal surface.

Here I use an Urbio Perch wall panel to hold the tin cups with magnets. But this also works great with fridges and magnet boards. Here’s how I’m using the cups now on my BV magnet board.

This is a quick and easy project that took me less than an hour to complete (including writing and uploading this post!). V-