The Phone Haus box (on our convertible basket table)

 January 28, 2016: I couldn’t resist making yet another phone wood cube dock. I so love my Phone Home cube dock (which I keep in the bedroom with charging cable at the ready.

I found that I needed another one in the living room (and eventually one more for travel). These cubes have been a godsend for me. If I remember to do that one simple step of dropping my iPhone 6S Plus into the block, I will effectively avoid the irritating experience of aimless pacing the rooms looking for a phone I placed in a forgotten spot.

I’m sure we’ve all been there. You put your phone down and walk away from it. Then it suddenly becomes invisible. Like magic. And after what feels like hours calling out a search party, you finally give up and call it. Or, if using an iPhone, a Find My IPhone search. And you will eventually find it.

If you’re lucky. And if it’s still powered on.

My solution for the living room. I present to you, the “Phone Haus”.

It’s the same DIY project as my Phone Home creation. But I stained the wood a darker Espresso Minwax color. And I replaced the word “Home” with “Haus”.

Good to know I’m putting the limited German I taught myself in 2007 to good use.

So, now that it has posed for pictures next to its Phone Home predecessor, it’s time to move it to a spot in the living room.

It’s new designated “haus base” is on my convertible basket table in the living room. This was a simple DIY update on the Target Threshold round fabric basket.  By adding a 17.75″ diameter round common wood piece, I instantly turned this basket into a cute side coffee table.

The Phone Haus is perfect in this spot. Now I can drop my phone security in its cube in the bedroom and in our living room open space.

I now truly have no excuse and should never, EVER, lose track of my phone again in the condo. And if I do, time to make more Phone Haus cubes. V-