Gift wrapping shipped Apple Watch gift from Bruce’s dad, Norman

December 12, 2015: My boyfriend’s dad, Norman, was so sweet to ship me an early Christmas gift – an Apple watch. He let us know that it was on it’s way, so I was anticipating its arrival for days and fully prepared to do a grand unboxing when it came.

Then Bruce reminded me that we always wait to open our Christmas gifts until Christmas day. Sigh…thank you sweetie.

I then shifted gears and indulged in the delight of box decorating. I decided to wrap the shipment box in my favorite decorative paper (Starburst: Turquoise/Magenta on gold). I wanted to give this box the star treatment so that it looks stunning under our Christmas tree.

After using the box to measure, trace and cut the paper, I used Mod Podge to glue the paper to the box.

I used the magenta pattern paper for the top and lid. And the turquoise for the sides, bottom and back.

As shown below, I chose to decorate the shipping box so that the Apple Watch package can be placed back inside.

I will most likely wrap the Apple Watch box itself after I officially open my gift (and unbox the box).

Now, sadly, I realized after the fact that I did not take pictures of each step of the decorative embellishments.  So I’ll do my best to describe each step (and will put up another post going through the process step-by-step (when I decorate the watch dock box, shown below still unwrapped).

  • I used a gold metallic Sharpie marker to color the sides of the box gold (so that it complements the gold-accented decorative paper).
  • I wrapped the box with jute twine and tied it at the top.
  • I made a “bundle bow tie” with the jute twine by wrapping it around my fingers several times, pinching the bundle together, and then tying the bundle in the middle.
  • I threaded a small chalkboard key tag (with a mini Christmas tree gold stamp) with the twine and tied it to the bundle bow tie.
  • I created a decorative circle tag with Norman’s name using washi tape, letter rub ons, and 3/4″ paper circle punch-outs (applied to the tag with Mod Podge glue).
  • I threaded twine through the circle tag and tied it to the bow tie bundle. I then added a gold brad through the reinforced paper ring (and cut off the excess twine).
  • I added decorative 1.5″ paper circle garlands (alternating between the starburst paper and gold glitter gift-wrap paper). I assembled the garland by folding each paper circle in half, and sticking them to another folded circle back-to back using a glue stick. I attached the garland to the twine sliding it between two paper circle halves, then gluing the paper circles together over the twine.

And that’s it.  It’s displayed below with the Apple Watch charging dock box (which I will wrap next) and one of my decorated tin canisters (which currently holds my paper circles, tags and such.

I am most proud of the tag (and send a picture to Norman as an early thank you!). V-