His and Hers Phone Box Cubes

November 16, 2015: Let me start off with my picture of the card I gave to my new co-worker, Jeff and his lovely new bride wishing them a Happy New Marriage!

I hope they will forgive me soon for my craft rush job for a his and hers wedding gift. Jeff scratched his head a moment when he accepted it and asked, “Uh…what is it?”

It’s a phone dock, fool!

I dropped his phone the the slot and connected his charger cable. Ohhhhh….

Like the phone cubes I created for myself and for Bruce, I made a his and hers phone cube set for Jeff and Ondalyn.

I just love these cubes. Even if I’m the only one right now. It’s my favorite aunty crafty gift to make and give. I make no apologies!

Well, maybe for this. See the dried glue bubbles from my rush Mod Podge job from this morning? I literally brushed on the glue and prayed for a quick dry as I leaped into my morning shower.

It’s apparent that I didn’t pray hard enough.

Any who, I took two 3.5″ photo wood blocks, chiseled out an opening in the top, and stained and decorated them for the bride and groom.

I added hexagon paper punch-outs in large and small sizes and decoupaged them to the box with Mod Podge glue.

I added their first name initial to the front of the box. Large Helvetica chipboard letters spray-painted a dark metallic grey.

For the “Phone Box” label on the top, I added gold foil embossed alphabet stickers from Michaels.

And I used the same stickers on the back of the cubes for the Mr. and Mrs. B labels.

Here are a couple of side view of the boxes.

I used slightly different paper colors and patterns for Ondalyn’s box (stained with Early American Minwax stain). But for Jeff’s navy blue stained box, I used the same Lokti red mum papers and wood veneer punch-outs.

DIY craft gifts for us gals need more decorative variety, don’t you think?

For the gift box, I used a large paint bucket that I bought from Home Depot (and decorated with the red Lokti paper via decoupage).

Both phone cubes easily fit inside the bucket.

As did the card.

On the top of the bucket, I added a gift tag for Jeff and Ondalyn (decorated with Little B Chevron washi tape and Heidi Swap glitter alphabet stickers).

And the gift tag is attached to the bucket with, of course, a magnet.

So here is how I demonstrated the use of the phone cubes to Jeff in the Tech Office. I think he likes it (though he doesn’t get why he would put his phone in a wood box…men!)

Hopefully, for whatever the purpose they find for the boxes, they will like them (and will once again forgive the rush job – but true art comes from imperfection – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!). V-