Burlap push pin canvases

In the Tech Office.
Xenia canvas at home.


March 2015: I found these burlap 12 x 12 canvases at AC Moore. You can also find these at Target as part of their Handmade Modern series. They have a deep profile, allowing them to be hung on the wall, or to stand on their own. I figured these would make great bulletin boards – just add some cork beneath the burlap fabric to add more cushion for the push pins or thumb tacks and voila!

Tech office burlap board

I first made a couple for my desk – the first in February 2015. I decorated it with Little B washi tape (tape which soon become prominently featured with various craft projects in Tech).


As embellishments, I tacked a few wooden shapes I purchased from Michaels.

IMG_0755.2015-02-10_040616 IMG_0761.2015-02-10_150707

It’s mounted to the office wall over the right side of the U-shaped Tech Office counter/desk with 3M command strips.

Xenia burlap board

My mother, Xenia, continues to be the ultimate crafting muse for me (especially her name – so beautiful and unique). And, as such, a constant recipient of my DIY gifts (which she so graciously accepts always, as a doting mother should ;).

So, of course I made her a personalized burlap canvas. I spray painted cork letter cutouts that I bought at Michaels gold, and hot glued them to the left side of the canvas. I added a strip of washi tape as a decorative border for her name on the right, and then added a couple of Martha Stewart stickers as embellishments.

First letter spray paint job. Finally found a use for the X-E-N-I-A.
I absolutely love how the spray painted cork letters added a 3-D element to the boards. They became a celebration of textures.

I added a monogrammed wood doily as an additional embellishment by thumb-tacking its string loop to the board. In these pictures, I used one of my “V” doilies.

IMG_1476.2015-03-15_033516  IMG_1504.2015-03-18_142707

I intended to make another one with an X for this project, but I eventually just added the Make Market aluminum X on a string to Xenia’s board (without adding the wood backing).

Here’s how it looks in her kitchen/common area in her Brooklyn apartment.

IMG_8828  IMG_8830

Vida burlap board

Of course I made a board for me with my V-I-D-A letters. Mine is currently displayed in my Tech Office as well.

A burlap board for me in Tech.
One of my favorite ways of tacking items to a bulletin board is via a binder clip (so that the item being tacked isn’t pierced by the pin).

This is a quick and simple DIY project that adds instant beauty and function to my home and office spaces. V-