My Hammonds box makeover

July 31, 2015: One of my DC tech support clients, Barbara, heard through the grapevine that I like to collect boxes. So she graciously saved her empty Hammonds box and gave it to me as a gift. Truth be told, she was mystified about why I needed and wanted her empty box and I explained that I like to decorate them.

Barbara smiled and nodded. Yes…she’s still mystified. I laughed and shrugged. It’s weird. I totally get that.

But I started decorating empty boxes in my tech workspace as a way to transform the office from looking like a Best Buy storage room to an actual living, breathing space with warmth and personality. And having decorated boxes on the office shelves provides a convenient way to hide office clutter (especially of the tech variety).

So after office hours I prepared to transform my box with fine paper I picked up from the Blick Art Supply Store across the street, and Mod Podge.

The box was so pretty in and of itself, it didn’t really need to be decorated. But I wanted the box to blend with the others decorated in the office, so I forged ahead.

After using the box to measure the paper and cutting it down to size…

…I added strips of scrapbooking paper (to add for contrast).

I chose a lavender pattern (shown below after being glued to the top of the box at each side)…

…and a green Morrocan pattern. This will be used to cover the front of the box.

After framing out the top and front of the box with the scrapbook paper…

…I added the fine paper in one long strip from the back to the front and tucked it under the lid.

I then hot-glued a decorated wood rectangle (same shape and size as a business card).

The wood piece is decorated  with washi tape and a large silver color chipboard alphabet sticker.

The sides of the box was covered with lavender paper (featuring a brown paisley pattern).

This box made a very nice addition to the desk space in the Tech Office.  So happy this box found its way to my workspace.

I absolutely love it. Thanks again Barbara! V-