Xenia’s Christmas Tree (with handmade ornaments)

January 10, 2015: In November I gave my mom, Xenia my handmade paper ornaments that I used to decorate my Christmas tree over the years. I showed her how to assemble them using the brads and string, and how to disassemble and pack them away. I helped her decorate her tree (which took us all of five minutes (you’ll see why in the picture below) during my Thanksgiving 2014 weekend visit.

Here are pictures of how her tree looks weeks later.

Although I tried to talk her into getting a bigger tree, she insisted on getting this little 2 footer from Target. A tiny little tree for her tiny home. The paper ornaments look like they dwarf the tree (and if they were heavier than paper, it would topple the tree altogether). But I love it. It’s a cool, spunky little tree that belongs in Xenia’s lovely little space.

Which must be why she loves it so much that it’s still up on January 10. I mean, let’s face it…it would take virtually no time to break it down. V-