KBR Kitchen Bath – Initial Selections Made

December 27, 2015: KBR Kitchen and Bath is the company we chose to redo our kitchen. I stopped by KBR Kitchen and Bath studios on my own to make a new backsplash selection.


The previous backsplash I chose did not sit well with me…especially after checking images of them online. Pine Valley Subway appears to be too busy when it is applied to a large space.

IMG_9445.2014-12-27_201852-e1454201649289-332x443 IMG_9443.2014-12-27_165947-700x525

I selected my favorite option for the countertop right away. After viewing granite and quartz options, we decided to go with Silestone Altair, a beautiful dark grey stone without a lot of decorative detail. We didn’t want a lot of marbling and veining in our countertop. We prefered to stick with a cleaner look for the countertop.

IMG_9442.2014-12-27_165937  IMG_9439.2014-12-27_165831

We selected the white cabinets, Oasis, initially. But we were told soon after the selection that the suppliers may sell out of this line quickly (and it may even be discontinued). So we switched to a more off-white color with mocha trim – the Signature Pearl.


So today, I’m doing my best to decide on the backsplash we will go with after all (because Pine Valley Subway is not going in our kitchen). It’s hard to tell what will look best, even knowing that it will most likely look great regardless, so there’s no need to worry.


But this is our kitchen, a huge part of our space that we will use every day. So it’s a big deal and I want to get it right and pick something that both Bruce and I will absolutely love.

So I’ll stay as long as it takes until I find the one that magically “clicks” and brings it all together in my head.

IMG_9464.2014-12-27_203439-e1454200649202-700x525 IMG_9463.2014-12-27_203401-e1454200666123-700x525

We may be in for a long night. V-