The search for new floors

October 26, 2014: Choice after choice after choice after choice…

We took a field-trip to the Rockville Lumber Liquidators. As requested, I brought my heels and clacked around the store testing floor after floor option. But most weren’t laid down for testing…lots of flipping through stacks of wood samples and studying visual guides to help clue me in on what the difference is in the first place.

IMG_8137.2014-10-26_173216 IMG_8146.2014-10-26_173335

IMG_8138.2014-10-26_173228-e1454187900158-332x443 IMG_8140.2014-10-26_173243-e1454188077823-332x443

IMG_8142.2014-10-26_173256-e1454188031243-332x443 IMG_8144.2014-10-26_173311-e1454188094730-332x443

All looks great to me! As long as it replaces those parquet floors when they’re pulled up, I’m good. I’m more than happy to hand off all decision-making to Bruce. But of course, I will not get off that easy.

So we continue to go through a plethora of options, here, and then later at the Home Depot. The mind boggles. The head spins. V-

IMG_8129.2014-10-26_172933-e1454187934236-332x443 IMG_8131.2014-10-26_172955-e1454187953304-332x443 IMG_8133.2014-10-26_173055-e1454187979962-332x443 IMG_8136.2014-10-26_173203-e1454187995430-332x443IMG_8183.2014-10-26_191326-e1454187802994-332x443 IMG_8185.2014-10-26_191355-e1454188120967-332x443IMG_8149.2014-10-26_173403 IMG_8159.2014-10-26_190012 IMG_8162.2014-10-26_190026